Webmin Updates

Listed below are updates to Usermin for problems that have been discovered since the release. Most are in the form of modules, which can be installed in the Usermin Configuration module of Webmin under Usermin Modules.

To have updates installed automatically using Webmin, go to the Usermin Configuration module, click on Upgrade Usermin and use the form in the Update Modules section.

Module Version Problem Solution
Updates to Usermin 1.740
Updates to Usermin 1.380
Disk Quotas 1.380 When opened, the first page displays the error 'Undefined subroutine &main::print_limit' New module
Updates to Usermin 1.370
Blue Framed Theme 1.370 Left menu categories do not expand properly on IE, and the login form is too wide New module
Updates to Usermin 1.350
SpamAssassin Mail Filter 1.350 The auto-whitelist page always displays the error message 'The user does not exist' New module
Updates to Usermin 1.330
File Manager 1.330 File downloads fail when unknown referers are not trusted New module
Updates to Usermin 1.320
MySQL Database 1.320 If the 'mysql' database is not accessible, the user may be incorrectly told that his login or password is invalid New module
Updates to Usermin 1.310
SpamAssassin Mail Filter 1.310 Current spamassassin settings are not displayed in Usermin! New module
GnuPG Encryption 1.310 The module's main page displays an error about the main::foriegn_check function New module
Updates to Usermin 1.260
Read Mail 1.260 Subject lines containing HTML special characters are corrupted when replying New module
Filter Mail 1.260 When selecting to deliver to a new folder, the trailing / needed for Maildir format is not specified in .procmailrc New module
Updates to Usermin 1.220
Read Mail 1.220 When selecting multiple email messages to mark as read, the error 'No mail selected to mark' is always displayed. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.210
Caldera Theme 1.210 The category links in the top frame don't actually change categories. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.200
File Manager 1.200 When saving large files in DOS text format, the File Manager may hang. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.190
Mail Forwarding and Replies 1.190 Autoresponders setup using this module under Usermin 1.190 do not send a reply properly. New module
Scheduled Emails 1.190 Attachments selected for scheduled email are not actually properly attached. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.180
Mount Filesystems 1.180 Un-mounting a filesystem always fail with an error from the umount program New module
Updates to Usermin 1.170
Fetchmail Mail Retrieval 1.170 When you click on the Scheduled Checking button, the error message 'You are not allowed to configure scheduled checking' always appears. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.160
Mail Forwarding and Replies 1.160 When enabling the autoreply option, on some systems the reply will fail with the error message 'Failed to open autoreply file autoreply.txt' New module
Updates to Usermin 1.110
Disk Quotas 1.110 The message 'Error - Perl execution failed' appears when opening the Disk Quotas module. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.100
Fetchmail Mail Retrieval 1.100 When setting up scheduled checking, the script specified in the created cron job does not exist. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.090
PostgreSQL Database 1.090 On versions of PstgreSQL that don't support schemas, the error message 'Attribute schemaname not found' will appear when a database icon is clicked on. New module
SSH/Telnet Login 1.090 If your system runs an SSH server but not a telnet server, the module will always report that not SSH server is running. New module
MSC.Linux Theme 1.090 If a non-core module which does not make use of ui-lib.pl tries to display an error message, the error 'Undefined subroutine &main::ui_print_header' will appear instead. New module
File Manager 1.090 When deleting a directory, it does not actually get removed. When searching for files from / , no results are ever found. New module
Apache Options Files 1.090 When Apache has mod_apachessl enabled, the error 'Undefined subroutine &main::mod_apachessl_directives' appears when accessing this module. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.080
Disk Quotas 1.080 On Linux systems, the error 'module mount does not exist' appears when entering the module. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.070
Change Password 1.070 When attempting to change your password, the error 'syntax error at (eval 12) line 4, near @INC(' can occur. New module
Read Mail 1.070 When sending mail via SMTP to a Qmail server, the error 'SMTP command . failed : 451 See http://pobox.com/~djb/docs/smtplf.html' may occur. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.060
Protected Web Directories 1.060 When searching for existing protected directories, .htaccess files are found instead of the directories containing them. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.050
SpamAssassin Mail Filter 1.050 When editing body tests, the test name appears as a number instead of the correct name. New module
Running Processes 1.050 The Change Passwords and GnuPG Encryption modules may fail to operate properly, due to a bug in this module. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.030
MySQL Database 1.030 Various problems occur when editing or adding to the data in a table. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.020
Disk Quotas 1.020 Adds support for NetBSD. New module
Read Mail 1.020 When using some older versions of Perl, the error 'Not enough arguments for mkdir' can appear when you enter the module. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.010
Read Mail 1.010 External mail folders with spaces in their filenames do not appear in the folders list, and cannot be read. New module
File Manager 1.010 Additional configured directories to which users should be allowed access are not actually accessible. New module
Updates to Usermin 1.000
Fetchmail Mail Retrieval 1.000 Manually created entries in .fetchmailrc with quotes are not preserved properly. New module
Updates to Usermin 0.990
Read Mail 0.980 When deleting a folder, the message 'Missing or invalid number of messages per page' appears. New module
Updates to Usermin 0.980
Running Processes 0.980 On OSX, some modules report the error message 'Undefined subroutine proc::get_new_pty' due to a missing function in the Running Processes module. New module
MySQL Database 0.980 Enum or set fields with commas in their options cannot be edited - all the values are shown as 'enun' or 'set'. New module
Fetchmail Mail Retrieval 0.980 The error 'You are not allowed to start fetchmail' occurs when the Start button is clicked. New module
Updates to Usermin 0.970
MySQL Database 0.970 Attempting to do almost anything in the module causes an error message about the quotestr function. New module
Updates to Usermin 0.950
Read Mail 0.950 Sent mail and drafts are not saved, and mail moved to another mbox format folder is lost. New module
Procmail Mail Filter 0.950 Complex procmail recipe files (such as the one used by SpamAssassin) cannot be parsed by Usermin, resulting in an 'Unknown line' error message. This update also turns off the diaplay of receipes in include files by default. New module
Updates to Usermin 0.940
Procmail Mail Filter 0.940 Procmail recipes that evaluate the output of a command cannot be created or edited properly. New module
Updates to Usermin 0.930
Mail Forwarding 0.930 When creating a new forwarding rule to an email address, the user's home directory is incorrectly prepended to the address when it is saved. New module
Updates data file